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Great architecture is more than just a space. Great architecture inspires.

Gabriel Architects, a full service architectural and interior design firm, was established in 1991 on a passion for architecture and a commitment to excellence. Firm founder, John W. Gabriel, AIA, and his team of architects have a keen ability to listen between the lines to their clients, and draw architectural inspiration from each client’s unique desires and needs.

Gabriel Architects has played a major role in the conception, design, and realization of many Houston landmarks. The firm has successfully completed a diversity of project types including corporate and speculative office, ecclesiastical and educational facilities, and multi-family residential. Whether it is an environment designed to work, worship, play, live, or learn, Gabriel Architects collaborates with clients to visualize the essence of their identity and create a building of signature, usefulness, and inspiration.

“Mr. Gabriel worked with tireless patience and keen insight to bring together the various dreams and agendas of a wide variety of people. He is a compassionate listener and insightful interpreter of those intangible desires that are difficult for the layman to articulate in concrete terms.”

Dr. Robert A. (Bob) Petterson, Senior Pastor
Christ Evangelical Presbyterian Church

“Based on our intimate awareness of John’s capabilities, I can personally assure anyone considering engaging architectural services that they would be extraordinarily well advised to engage what may be the single best architectural firm in Houston, which is Gabriel Architects.”

Mr. Kenneth R. (Ken) Wynne,
Chairman, Building Committee
Christ Evangelical Presbyterian Church


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